Rent tub for holidays!

Our rental tub has the complete set:

  • gray fiberglass tub (color RAL 7015) with black thermal lid;
  • brown wood finishing boards and conveniently designed stairs;
  • stainless steel integrated furnace, chimney, chimney protector;
  • hydro massage system with adjustable massage intensity;
  • air (bubble) massage system;
  • LED lamp (48mm, 2 modes, 7 colors);
  • 18 LED lights (located around the perimeter of the tub,  2 modes, 7 colors);
  • decorative LED light panel with design;
  • decorative hoops (of stainless steel).

The tub can be comfortably used by 6-8 people. The water heats up to 2 hours (depending on the outside air temperature).

Necessary electricity connection, water connection, firewood for hot tub (we can provide for a separate fee).

PRICE  - 60 €.  The tub rental time is 24 hours from the time of delivery / receipt.

Delivery - free of charge in Jēkabpils city, elsewhere - 1,30 € / km.

If your car is equipped with a hook and you have category B rights, you can pick it up by yourself.