Tub with integrated oven

Compared to a tub equipped with an external oven, a tub with an integrated oven will be more compact and water will heat up faster.

Available in 6 shell colors and 3 wood finishing colors. A total of 18 color combinations are available.

1400 euro To order

For a tub with an integrated oven, the standard set includes:

  • fiberglass tub with lid;
  • stainless steel oven;
  • chimney;
  • a decorative chimney guard, which at the same time also performs a safety function;
  • black wood finishing boards and stairs.

In addition, the tub can be equipped with:

  • hydro (water) massage system (8 jets);
  • air (bubble) system (12 jets);
  • LED lamp (48mm, 2 modes, 7 colors);
  • 18 LED lamps, arranged around the perimeter of the tub (2 modes, 7 colors);
  • decorative steel hoops;
  • semi-circular stairs adjacent to the tub;
  • thermal lid (imitation leather lid, maintains water temperature);
  • a drink holder with 4 cups;
  • metal LED decorative panel.
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