Tub set:

  • gray fiberglass tub with lid (color RAL 7015);
  • integrated stainless steel oven, chimney and chimney protector;
  • gray wood finishing boards and stairs;
  • air (bubbles) massage system;
  • hydro (water) massage system (adjustable massage intensity);
  • LED lamp (48mm, 2 modes, 7 colors);
  • decorative hoops (of stainless steel).
  • drink holder with 4 cups.

About 6 people can relax in the hot tub. Tub capacity - 1100 l. The water heats up in about 2 hours.

Dimensions: 95cm height, 200cm outer diameter, 83 cm depth.

Other fiberglass and wood finishing board colors are available, as well as other accessories.

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