SIA “KUBUS” will celebrate its three-year anniversary this summer, and in the first years company has established cooperation with customers in Latvia and the Scandinavian countries. Offering quality, market-competitive products, the company is working to attract new customers.

The production process of the tubs is carefully handmade

The highest quality materials are used in the production of tubs. The tub shell is made of fiberglass, as this material is resistant to UV radiation, weather and other external conditions, and it is easy to care for. The shape of the fiberglass shell is adapted to the curvature of the human back, so it is convenient to relax in the tub for several hours. Compared to wooden tubs, our tub design is designed to reduce water consumption. This advantage is provided by the design of the bench - it is integrated with the walls and floor.

Tub shells are produced in six colors - gray, white, red, black, blue and light gray. For wood finishing you can choose - brown, gray or black. A total 18 color combinations are available. If you want to adjust the color of the tub to your house, terrace or guest house, then we can implement it!

We respect customers' choice of tub design and equipment, so we produce tubs to order. Order fulfillment term up to 5 working days. We give instructions for use with the tub. We offer both tub delivery and installation. If your car is equipped with a hook and you have category B rights, you will be able to pick it up yourself after the tub.

Tub has a two-year warranty

Tub accessories will not disappoint!

Massage systems

Improve your mood by supplementing the standard tub with one or both massage systems:

WATER MASSAGE - relaxation for muscles.

Water massage jets resemble the movements of a masseur's hands, relaxing tense muscles and penetrating the deepest tissues of the body. Enjoying hydromassage after physical activity improves lymphatic drainage, which promotes weight loss and prevents cellulite. Hydromassage jets work effectively on the most important areas of the body - the scalp and shoulders, waist, crosses and feet.

AIR MASSAGE - oxygen doping.

The flow of warm air bubbles provides a general caressing body massage and enriches the circulatory system with oxygen. Regular use of aeromassage improves metabolism, brain function and blood circulation, as well as strengthens the immune system.

LED lighting

To make tub more colorful, we offer to supplement the set with LED lighting:

  • LED lamp (bottom of the tub), 48mm, 7 colors, 2 modes;
  • 18 LED lights (located around the perimeter of the tub), 7 colors, 2 modes.

LED lamps provide tub lighting and make it more visually attractive, as well as improve your mood!