Fiberglass tubs are practical and do not require much maintenance. These pools do not have gaps or sharp edges where dirt can accumulate, it is much easier to maintain compared to a wooden or polypropylene tub.

The most important conditions for using the tub:

  • Heating the oven must only be started when the water has exceeded the second height of the water circulation pipe by at least 5 cm! It is forbidden to heat the oven if there is not enough water in the tub;
  • The hot tub oven can be heated with dry firewood. It is recommended to use birch or alder firewood. It is forbidden to heat the hot tub with oak firewood, all types of briquettes, pellets, coal, gaseous, liquid fuels;
  • At low temperatures (1 ° C and below) water must not be left in the tub and oven - after use, when the oven has burned out, water must be drained from both the tub and the oven;
  • Immediately after draining the tub, turn on the massage systems for 15-30 seconds to blow any condensate and water from the nozzles, pipes, manifolds, thus preventing the systems from freezing.

You can safely use high-pressure (Karcher) cleaners to clean the tubs. Use non-abrasive cleaners. Pool disinfectants may be used.

For more information on installing and using the tubs, see the instructions for use.